Virtual Primary Care Opens for Resident Students at Chaminade College Prep

January 13, 2016

ST. LOUIS – Without stepping foot off campus, Chaminade College Preparatory students who live in dormitories can now have a medical office visit thanks to Mercy’s recent opening of the first-of-its-kind virtual primary care office in the area.

As part of its Employer Health Solutions, Mercy worked with Chaminade to provide a convenient option for resident students who often had to be shuttled off-campus to appointments when ill or for routine visits.

“We are constantly working with local organizations and businesses to find the best fit for their needs,” said Dr. Tracy Riordan, vice president and medical director of Mercy’s St. Louis-area Employer Health Solutions. “In this case, by connecting through Mercy Virtual we’re able to care for students without them leaving campus, making it easier for both the students and staff.”

Chaminade President Ralph Siefert saw this opportunity as a great asset to Chaminade’s ever growing residential program.

Mercy’s virtual care clinic at Chaminade operates like a normal medical office. It gives students increased access to a full spectrum of services including, but not limited to, sick/acute visits, personal wellness visits and management of chronic diseases, vaccinations, travel medicine and mental health screenings. There are also opportunities for health and prevention programming.

Mercy Clinic physicians Kara Mayes, MD, and Lauren Wilfling, DO, along with nurse practitioner, Sarah Osdieck, FNP, work closely with the school nurse to conduct the virtual visits with Chaminade students during school hours Monday through Friday. Any other time a student needs medical assistance, dorm supervisors utilize Mercy’s Nurse on Call system to access appropriate health care providers.

“As a college preparatory school responsible for more than 80 residential students from all over the world, the health care of these young men is a high priority,” said Susan Rozier, RN, Chaminade health services coordinator. “By establishing a partnership with Mercy, all of these students now have a primary care physician in St. Louis.”

This virtual clinic is at the forefront of new frontier of virtual medicine. For more information about this virtual clinic or Mercy Employer Health Solution, please call 314-364-2641.

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