New CEO for Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital Springfield

January 22, 2016
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Bruce Eady is the CEO for Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital Springfield

With experience caring directly for patients, Bruce Eady joins Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital Springfield as its new chief executive officer. He says his focus is on getting patients back to the things they love doing.

That focus is rooted in his early education and training as a critical care/trauma nurse. Originally from Texas and a graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington, Eady began his career as the charge nurse for the evening shift in a Texas hospital’s emergency room. “I loved taking care of patients,” he said.

But his leadership skills were quickly recognized, and doors opened in administrative leadership. Most recently, Eady worked at Saint Louis University Hospital as associate administrator of capacity management and oversaw care coordination, patient acceptance and placement and patient throughput. To Mercy he brings more than 30 years of experience in leadership roles not only in critical care but also in the rehab setting like Howard A. Rusk Rehabilitation Center, a partnership in Columbia between HealthSouth and The University of Missouri.

Even though he’s managed all facets of hospital operations throughout his career, still today, he says, “I’m a nurse at heart; I always will be.”

His background also includes teaching, but primarily Eady has focused on community and academic medical centers. He also appreciates the positive differences in working with faith-based organizations. “What I’ve always seen in working with faith-based hospitals is a strong mission that emphasizes serving others. Mercy’s partnership with Kindred focuses on delivering that mission of caring to the rehab setting.”

Compared to critical care, working in a rehab setting creates a special role in a patient’s recovery. “Many of our patients have come from critical care facilities where most likely their lives have been saved. Here, we have the opportunity to help them return to a life worth living,” Eady said.

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