Mercy Nurse Credits Co-workers for Saving Her Grandfather's Life

January 26, 2016

Eldon Crane and Jennifer Sinn, Mercy RN

Monday, January 11 was eye-opening for Jennifer Sinn. As an RN, Jennifer delicately cares for patients every day, but this day was especially personal. It was the day her grandfather’s life was saved.

Her thank you card to Mercy Fort Scott Emergency Department reads:

“My grandfather’s life was saved by a great team of individuals working at Mercy Hospital Fort Scott.

Through quick assessment and action, the emergency crew was able to identify and take action against the lethal heart rhythm that was threatening to kill my grandfather. This team of nurses and healthcare personnel successfully defibrillated my grandfather when his own pacemaker failed 10 times! Their heroic actions saved his life. They gave great man a chance at survival. The outcome could have gone either way.

My grandpa, Eldon Crane, is an older man and has been living with congestive heart failure for the past 14 years. These brave professionals stepped up and triumphed when odds were stacked against them during a moment of crisis. All of the hardworking crew deserved to be formally thanked, however in the moment; my focus was on my grandpa. I know that Kenny, Jalyn, Stephanie, Verna, Teri and Lynieta were part of the group of professionals taking care of him that fateful night. I hate that I can’t remember the few others working that night, but my message is the same for them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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