Supported Co-workers and Volunteers Let Loose at Winter Dance

January 27, 2016

Supported co-workers and volunteers at the winter dance.

ST. LOUIS - Each year, Mercy’s Volunteer and Guest Services department hosts events to celebrate the supported volunteers who generously give of their time and talents in service to Mercy Hospital. 

Last week’s winter dance was one way to bring together supported volunteers and co-workers, allowing them to cut loose at Mercy for a fun and engaging evening. 

Mercy currently has more than 65 volunteers and 55 co-workers with developmental disabilities who were invited to attend the dance and encouraged to bring a friend or date. There was a live DJ, pizza, dessert, a photo booth, crafts and a hot chocolate station. 

“Some were apprehensive about attending the event as they had never been to a dance before,” said Katie Jennings, supervisor of Volunteer and Guest Services. “But apprehension quickly turned to elation as the music started and friends and co-workers gathered together.”

Providing the supported volunteers and co-workers with opportunities to participate in social activities outside of volunteering helps them build friendships, a lasting connection to Mercy and strengthen personal relationships.  

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