Mercy Expand Emergency Medical Services in NW Greene County

January 29, 2016

Mercy EMS team gathers at new facility for blessing.

If you have a medical emergency in the northwest part of Greene County, help is closer than before.

Mercy now has a permanent Emergency Medical Services (EMS) station in Willard, at the intersection of Highways AB and 160. It’s the site of the old Willard Fire Station.

“We couldn’t think of a better partner to put in our old building,” said Willard Fire Chief Ken Scott. “This is a game-changer for everyone who lives in the northwest part of the county. The first day Mercy stationed a crew here, we had an emergency in Walnut Grove. The fire chief there couldn’t believe the ambulance arrived at the same time he did.”

Before Mercy EMS crews began operating from the Willard station, the nearest ambulance crew was at the city limit of Springfield. “We’ve now cut those miles out of our response time, and we’re already seeing the results,” said Bob Patterson, executive director for Mercy Emergency Medical Services. “We’re so glad we could add this crew and improve our service to this section of the county.”

Discussions about a possible EMS station began about three years ago, as Willard transitioned to a full-time fire department and built a new station to house its crews. “Everyone wanted to use the old building to continue to serve the community, and this was the perfect fit,” Chief Scott said.

While Mercy has been operating 12-hour shifts in Willard since the beginning of the year, its co-workers are now ready to move in around the clock. “We just needed a few renovations to accommodate our overnight crews,” Patterson explained.

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