DAISY Nurses: A Testament to Compassionate Care

February 6, 2016

Top: Co-workers from 3D celebrate with Shannon Coles.

Bottom: 3E ICU co-workers celebrate with DAISY honoree

Jeanne Scorse (center).

“Shannon had a difficult patient who was essentially homeless. He was elderly, he distrusted the staff, and his views on modern medicine were that it’s all just a hoax.”

The man was on his fifth month with a very stubborn infection. He definitely needed medical care but had been refusing it. He’d pushed every source of support away, including his family. “He’d been fired from every care center in his local area.”

He had nowhere to go, no money and no food. “He was not happy with the state of his life and how things had turned out for him,” Josh added. “He frequently stated he had nothing to live for.”

One day, the man decided he’d had enough and was leaving. He was in a wheelchair slowing moving himself down the hallway toward the door. That’s when, as Josh described, “something wonderful happened.”

“Shannon stopped in front of him, knelt down and began crying. Struggling to speak through her tears, she said, ‘We want to take care of you, sir. You have nowhere to go and you could die if you leave.’”

The man pondered a while and then returned to his room. Shannon gowned up and went in to speak with him about his intentions. Standing outside the room, Josh said he heard the patient tell her, “At the moment when you got on your knees and cried, I knew you cared about me, and I had to stay.”

Soon after, Josh submitted Shannon’s nomination to receive this month’s DAISY award. “I have never witnessed anyone put so much compassion and love towards a patient,” he said. “Shannon was able to help him see how sick he really was and how much we in the Mercy community really do care.”

Thank you, Shannon, for your compassion for the human soul! As a result of showing this man that you care, he stayed to finish his treatment and received a safe discharge to a skilled nursing facility.

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