Oncology Co-workers All Smiles with More Space

February 9, 2016

From left to right: co-workers Amber Morey, Sarah

Bahnmiller, Mary Rose Hoff, 
Ashlea Norman,

Kelly Phillips, Mariah Inmn and Tami Ford.

Co-workers enoy the activities room.

By Mercy's Madelynn Innes

Oncology co-workers at Mercy Hospital Springfield moved to their larger area on 7A earlier this year. Since their move, they’re finding a multitude of things to smile about. 

“It’s a huge difference,” said Manager Kelly Phillips. “There’s so much more space, which makes our area a lot more accommodating for us and our patients.”

For patients, the larger unit has 23 private rooms with space in each one for a family member to stay. Compared to their previous area on 7D, where the majority of the rooms were shared, Phillips added, “That makes it so much more comfortable, especially for patients who are here for long periods.”

For visitors, this unit is also easier to reach and more convenient to our Hospitality House and chapel. There’s also a spacious new activities room, which patients and their families are free to use for celebrating birthdays, watching a movie or participating in a class or group activity like music therapy.

“Now that we have space, we’re welcoming volunteers who’d like to come in and lead a group activity. If we want to, it’s even big enough that we could have a dance.”

For now, Phillips and the rest of the staff are content just to give their patients more reasons to get out of their rooms and socialize.

“Before, our patients were isolated. Now, they have more chances to meet other patients and families. It helps them realize they aren’t alone and that other people are going through similar things.”

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