Superhero Hospital Visit Goes Viral

February 16, 2016

Andrea Stranghoener talks about what the visit meant and why

she wanted her Facebook post to go viral.

Joey and Franko Dokaj delivering goodies to Mercy Kids on Valentine's Day.

ST. LOUIS - Twin brothers Joey and Franko Dokaj wanted to give back; now their genorsity toward Mercy Kids has gone viral.

The 18-year-olds from St. Louis wanted to give back because they've been fortunate in their lives. That story was featured in a Facebook post, and it's been shared by thousands.

The Dokaj twins' parents and brother left a third world country to come to America with no money and no English. According to the Dokaj Foundation Facebook page, “God has given our family many miracles, so we decided to give a few miracles ourselves with charity.”

“We’re just trying to put as many smiles on faces as possible,” Franko said.

And they’ve been doing just that. Their recent visit on Valentine’s Day made quite the impression on Andrea Stranghoener whose 5-month-old baby (also a twin) was in the hospital in isolation. The boys couldn’t visit him, but posed for a picture that Andrea shared on Facebook.

Her post reads:

I'm in tears thinking about the incredible kindness and generosity of these two young men. They are CBC students who spend their own time and money to bring gifts to the children in the hospital. Wyatt is in isolation, so they didn't get to meet him, but I took this picture for him and his brothers (they are holding gifts for them too...and a rose for mom). I would love for this to be shared, not only to spread the love on Valentine’s Day, but also for the hope that this could reach their mothers and fathers so I can commend them for raising such amazing boys. Well done!! PLEASE SHARE!

“It meant to world to me,” Andrea said. “When I thanked them, I said I have four boys including twins and I hope I can raise my boys to be just like you and want to give back. I wanted to let their parents know what amazing young men they are and how appreciative we as parents are.”

Andrea and her husband tried to give the boys money for their cause and they wouldn’t accept it. Her husband stuck the money in with their things, knowing they’d find it later. They did find it but sent it back with a note that said the hug and compliments they received were enough.

Joey Dokaj said “The smallest good deed can make the biggest difference - holding the door for a stranger or smiling. We want to do good in the world and forward the goodness to leave our mark on the world.”

Hear from the boys here.

Fox 2 in St. Louis interviewed Andrea and the Dokajs. To watch the story, click here.

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