Mercy St. Francis Lab Upgrades Patient Testing Equipment

March 4, 2016

From left to right: Heidi Harris, medical technologist;

Angie Popken, lab support technician; Lisa Maddon, 

lab support technician; and Kathrina Pinay,

medical technologist.

The lab team at Mercy St. Francis Hospital is more equipped and more efficient than ever before. That’s because the department recently upgraded its testing capabilities.

“We now have three new Roche analyzers that can run more than 150 chemistry and immunology tests per hour,” said Angie Popken, lab manager. She and six Mercy co-workers now provide 24-hour coverage. “We’re testing things like glucose levels, lipids, thyroid, PSA (prostate-specific antigen), and cardiac testing – and can now offer more in-house tests with no downtime.”

“The more robust new equipment offers a much-needed back-up,” Popken said. “In the past, we wouldn’t have been able to run samples if the machine was being maintained. Now we’re more streamlined.”

That means patients could see less of a wait, whether they’re in the emergency room, having a quick procedure or staying longer at the hospital.

“It was vital that we become more modernized with the quickest turnaround possible,” said Cindy Tooley, executive director of operations at Mercy St. Francis Hospital. “It did require us to do some construction to accommodate the new machines, but it was well worth it.”

Last fall, three lab department co-workers traveled across the Midwest for extensive training on the equipment, which include a Roche Cobas® 6000, a Roche Cobas® c311, and a Roche Cobas® e411. The highly reliable, low maintenance machines have become an industry standard worldwide.

Click here to learn more about the new analyzers. For additional photos, click here.

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