Campus Changes During Construction

March 22, 2016

By the end of 2017, Mercy Hospital Jefferson hopes to open its new private patient room tower and transformed facility.

That major construction project is taking place while the 251-bed hospital continues to provide full services to the community.

By checking back here regularly, you can keep pace with the construction project and find out what may have changed since the last time you visited Mercy Hospital Jefferson.

Construction is bringing changes to the front doors at Mercy Hosptial Jefferson.

Construction is bringing changes to the front doors at Mercy Hosptial Jefferson.

The new Emergency Department entrance and parking lot opened March 23, and Emergency Drive reopened as a through street between US Highway 61 and Industrial Drive. The road, which loops behind the hosptial had been closed and ambulances redirected to enter from Industrial drive. Now all traffic to the Emergency entrances will enter from Highway 61 again.

The parking lot that had been used for emergency entrance and admitting is closed to make way for construction of the new three-story patient tower and its 90 new all-private rooms. Subsurface work for new water and sewer lines will be the first component of that project.

The Medical Office South entrance closed on Feb. 29 to start demolition for the new Main Hospital entrance. A new corridor is now open on the first floor. Access to the medical offices is through the hallway in front of the conference center. The conference center entrance from the front parking lot is also restricted, so all visitors enter through the main front entrance.

On Feb. 8 Admitting moved from the south side of the building near the Emergency Department to the main front lobby, to make room for construction of the cardiology clinic suite and the first major moves toward building the new tower.

Outpatients coming to the hospital for one-day surgery, imaging or other procedures will enter the building at the main front entrance. You will be registered by admitting personnel there and then escorted to the waiting area for your procedure.

Those patients, and anyone accompanying them, should park in the front parking lot, rather than on the south side of the building where admitting has been located for many years.    

The chemo and infusion suite also moved in early February to the first floor of the Medical Office North on the main hospital campus. Special parking spots designated for patients receiving cancer treatments are available in the front parking lot near the north building.

Work toward the new tower construction will begin with relocation of water and sewer lines that currently run under the parking lot where the new building is planned. Simultaneously, crews will begin excavating and installing piers for the building foundation.

Several other projects have already been completed:

  • The newly remodeled Behavioral Health Unit allows Mercy Jefferson to return 16 patient beds to service after extensive updates. The need for mental health care in our community is well documented, so we are happy to be able to serve these patients once again in a better and safer location. 
  • The Mercy Clinic Family Practice – Jefferson is now open on the first floor of the North Medical Office with a spacious waiting area and exams rooms for Drs. Kenneth Kilian, Raymond Weick, Gokul Budati and Rebekah Case.
  • The new Mercy Clinic OB/GYN – Jefferson is now open on the third floor of the South Medical Office. The open waiting and floor plan includes offices for Drs. Will Snidle, Melinda Auer and Jacob Peyton. 
  • Drs. Edwardo Verzola and Youssef Assioun have moved into their new Mercy Clinic Gastroenterology – Jefferson facility on the second floor of the North Medical Office. 
  • Mercy Jefferson was happy to announce the opening of a new level of care for patients with the relocation of Dr. Dwayne Helton to the new Mercy Clinic Palliative Care – Jefferson office on the second floor of the South Medical Office.
  • One of the first projects completed was the relocation of the housing quarters for the helicopter ambulance crews and construction of two new helipads. The emergency landing area was moved to the back of the building to be closer to the new ambulance emergency entrance. The old helipad has been removed to accommodate emergency department parking that will be displaced by the new patient tower.
  • A subtle but important update converted interior and parking lot lighting to high-efficiency LED fixtures. The new system provides better visibility while saving environmental resources and money.

In addition to the construction for the new patient tower, several other projects are currently underway.

Mercy Clinic Hyperbaric and Wound Care – Jefferson is expanding to add a third hyperbaric oxygen chamber to accommodate more patients in need of healing for chronic wounds.

The Women and Child Center is being renovated with new labor and delivery rooms, a cesarean section operating room suite and new nursery are expected to be completed in May 2016. Remodeling on the Third Floor will then begin on the post partum patient rooms in the Woman Child Center.

Emergency Drive is closed between the public Emergency Department entrance and the ambulance canopy entrance. The public still accesses the emergency room from Highway 61 South, but ambulances enter from Industrial Drive until the new Emergency Department parking lot and new entrance opens in March.

One of the key features of the new Mercy Hospital Jefferson will be the cardiology suite, which will locate the cardiac catheterization lab, physician offices and diagnostic testing into one central location on the ground floor near the emergency department and surgical operating rooms.  That work is underway and will include the areas formerly occupied by Admitting.

While on-going construction can cause disruptions, the overall project completion will completely revitalize the hospital campus and deliver on the promises made by Mercy with private patient rooms, many new physician specialists, and a commitment to the community for the best health care available for residents of Jefferson and surrounding counties.



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