Congratulations DAISY Nurses Jay Herndon and Diane Enyart

March 23, 2016

Compassionate care goes far beyond a patient’s bedside. In the case of this month’s DAISY nurse Jay Herndon, his patient was worried about her house while she was hospitalized. Jay comforted his patient and volunteered to go by to pick up her mail and check on her house. And when the patient was ready to be discharged, Jay’s nominator said she didn’t have a ride home. 

“She wasn’t assigned to be Jay’s patient that day, but he volunteered to ease her stress and drove her home.”

That’s just the way Jay is, say his co-workers. In fact, he’s known to “go the extra mile” – even when it means taking the time after his shift to drive across town and deliver a patient’s belongings he left in our hospital. Even on a day off, Jay has come in to work to bring a patient’s family members something good to eat.

DAISY Nurses Jay Herndon and Diane Enyart

DAISY Nurses Jay Herndon and Diane Enyart

But his compassion isn’t just extended toward his patients. In fact, his co-workers say “he’s one of the most selfless nurses we know. He is continually going out of his way to accommodate and assist others. He treats everyone with the same level of respect and compassion, no matter who they are or what their job status is.”

Jay is usually the first nurse to act when things happen on the unit. He’ll go straight to any bed alarm, IV alarm or request for help, his nominator added. “A perfect example of this happened recently when a student nurse and her instructor requested help. Jay immediately noted the patient’s heart rate had dropped to a very slow rhythm.

He obtained a stat EKG, called the doctor and remained calm the entire time. Jay stabilized that patient and managed a potentially emergent situation, even though this was not his patient and he wasn’t the charge nurse that day. It was simply a request for assistance and he was nearby so he rushed into action.”

Jay, thank you, for your desire to serve! As your co-workers have said, “4B is fortunate to have you on our staff!”

Nurse Diane Enyart is living proof there’s life after a cancer diagnosis. When patients hear her story and discover she’s a survivor, they immediately bond and gain strength in their own fight.

In Diane’s nominator’s case, she was battling ovarian cancer and receiving care in our Interventional Radiology area where Diane works.

“Meeting her just once would have been a blessing, but that’s not where our crossed paths end,” the patient begins.

After a follow-up visit, she adds, “Diane remembered me from our previous two encounters. She immediately put me at ease and kept my spirits up while I waited to have the port removed and a PICC line placed.”

Little did this patient realize that Diane’s shift was nearly over, but instead of leaving, she chose to stay, simply to be there with her and offer her support. “I was a little scared about having this procedure done,” her patient explained.

“Diane stayed with me during the procedure and as I was recovering. She truly made an unfortunate situation so much better with her compassionate care.”

Thank you, Diane, for sharing your comfort and your courage to help this patient. As she concludes, you are “the very definition of a caring and compassionate nurse.”


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