Frustrating Fun for Mercy Kids

August 18, 2016

Rubik’s Cubes are all the rage, again. Thirty years after their initial popularity, kids are once again building their brains with the puzzles.

For those who are hospitalized and can’t get out of bed, they can really help curb bordem and help their brains stay active.

Sixth grader Dylan Hirth recently became “obsessed” with Rubik’s Cubes and decided to turn his obsession into a good way to help others.

“I thought about sick kids in the hospital,” Dylan said. “I thought Rubik’s Cubes could help distract them from their sickness and be happy.”

To buy the Rubik’s Cubes for Mercy Kids, Dylan has been hired by family, neighbors and friends to do odd jobs such as pulling weeds, picking up dog poop and cleaning out garages. His biggest donation to date was for $260, which will buy 27 cubes.

With his parents’ help, Dylan recently set up a Facebook page and GoFundMe account to reach more people and help more kids. 

Sixth grader Dylan Hirth talks about his idea to help others with Rubik's Cubes.

Mercy Kids Child Life Specialist Quienton Townsend jokes about Rubik's Cubes and his frustration with them, but knows the benefit they can have on patients. 

"Anything we can do to normalize a child's stay in the hospital is helpful," Quienton commented. "I honestly wasn't sure what the response to them would be, but everyone has loved them."


Mercy Kids Child Life Specialist Quienton and Dylan have a Rubik's Cube showdown.

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