Mercy Patient Meets Two Paramedics Who Saved Her Life

April 7, 2017

On February 23rd, Bernie Terry was found lying on the floor of her Ada, Oklahoma home. She was in cardiac arrest. Her husband called 911 and within minutes, Mercy EMS paramedics Jon Canada and Curtis Mitchell arrived at the home.

"We took immediate action and placed the LUCAS device on her," Mitchell told KTEN's Scott Martin

Cardiac arrest, sometimes called “clinical death,” occurs when the heart unexpectedly stops pumping. Blood circulation stops completely, causing the patient to stop breathing and quickly fall unconscious. During a sudden cardiac arrest event, patients need CPR to maintain the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and other organs. The LUCAS device replaces human hands in performing CPR and never gets tired. It keeps perfect rhythm and non-stop compression for as long as the patient needs before their heart regains the ability to circulate blood. 

Canada said the device allowed paramedics to provide Terry additional life-saving therapies. 

Today, Canada says she's almost back to feeling like herself again. She did have a pacemaker put in. 


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