Mercy Clinic Imperial Welcomes New Physician

November 7, 2017

Seeing your doctor before you get sick is a great way to avoid illness and keep yourself healthy.

Preethi Schmeidler, MD, has joined Mercy Clinic Family Medicine Imperial and encourages individuals and families to visit their primary care doctor at least once every year.

“People say, ‘I feel fine. Why do I need this test or procedure?’ There are things we can do to pick up on bigger issues before they actually happen,” Dr. Schmeidler said. “In an annual check-up, we can talk about preventive screenings to catch things before they become a problem.”


Preethi Schmeidler has joined Mercy Clinic Family Medicine in Imperial, Missouri.

Getting to know your personal physician and having him or her know your family history helps develop a relationship that can be beneficial to better health, she said.

“There is a lot we can learn in the snapshot of an office visit, but if I see you, and your spouse, and your kids, I get to know your background and a sense of the whole picture,” Dr. Schmeidler said. “In family medicine we take care of all ages and stages of life from newborns to the elderly. Injuries and illnesses happen to everyone; I enjoy giving relief and helping people heal and feel better.”

Dr. Schmeidler earned her medical degree from the University of Kansas in Kansas City, Kansas. She completed her family medicine residency at Saint Louis University Family and Community Medicine at SSM St. Mary’s Health Center.

“I want to focus on helping patients understand why we do what we do and why it is important to do things like write down your blood sugars or check your blood pressure at home,” she said. “I am constantly learning as new medical advancements are made and incorporating new ideas into my practice so that I can use what I learn to help you have the best health you can.”

Mercy Clinic Family Medicine Imperial is located at 1254 Main St. in Imperial. You can reach Dr. Schmeidler at 636-728-9948.

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