Celebrating Sister Gayle

December 14, 2017

Sister Gayle Evans, RSM, director of Mission Services at Mercy Hospital St. Louis, is retiring Dec. 31.

Sr. Gayle took her vows in 1961, surprising her brothers who, unbeknownst to her, had taken bets on how long she’d last as a Sister of Mercy. Like many girls, Gayle Catherine Evans found her path through the example of the Sisters who taught her in New Orleans schools.

She has been serving people who need Mercy ever since, whether in education or health care. Sister Gayle came to Mercy Hospital St. Louis in 1989 as a production assistant in the video studio after teaching in both Mississippi and St. Louis. She is known for her calm and gentle presence, sense of humor, practicality and love of coffee.

Sr. Gayle Evans, RSM with Stephen Mackin

Sr. Gayle Evans, RSM, poses with Stephen Mackin, Mercy Hospital St. Louis president.

“I think we are very authentic,” she says. “We say what we do and do what we say. We care about everyone, but we’ll particularly walk with those in difficult circumstances.”

Co-workers gathered today to offer blessings for Sr. Gayle at Mercy Hospital St. Louis to celebrate her time with Mercy and wished her well as she plans the next chapter of her life.

And while Sr. Gayle will no longer be seen regularly after she retires, she plans to return for visits. And, beginning today you can order her favorite latte in McAuley’s Mocha & More. Just ask for Gayle’s Gourmet Latte.

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