Hard Work in Cardiac Rehab Earns Man a New Title

March 13, 2018

When you’re battling back from heart trouble, it can take a royal effort. David Mohler knows that all too well – he’s had multiple stents and vascular bypasses since the 1990s. Most recently, he had coronary artery bypass surgery and got a pacemaker.

Now, his efforts in cardiac rehabilitation have earned him the title of “Ozarks King of Hearts” for Mercy Springfield Communities. The award recognizes and honors patients who have made significant positive lifestyle changes for their heart health. It also educates people across the Ozarks about the importance of heart health.

Mohler Pic fb

David Mohler, pictured with his Mercy Cardiac Rehabilitation team.

Through exercise and diet, David has been able to stabilize his blood pressure, lower his cholesterol and get back to some fun recreational activities like boating and golfing.

“David is always willing to listen to our advice,” said Tiffanie Holman, RN at Mercy Hospital Cassville. “He was very active prior to his procedure and wanted to make a full recovery so he could get back to those things he loves. Beyond his own results, he’s also motivated other patients to keep coming in and working hard.”

Talk to your doctor about whether cardiac rehabilitation can make the same difference in your life.

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