Introducing Dr. Daniel Stahl

March 20, 2018

Dr. Daniel Stahl is a family medicine physician who cares for patients at Mercy Clinic Family Medicine – South Lindbergh in Sunset Hills. Dr. Stahl’s introduction to St. Louis came 40 years ago during his first competition in competitive figure skating, his previous career. Since then, he competed at the national level, performed in multiple shows and taught countless students in the Midwest.

Did you always know you wanted to be a doctor?
I did not know that I wanted to go into medicine until I was in my senior year of college at the University of Texas at San Antonio. One of my professors had watched me and encouraged me to change from my first choice of being a physical therapist and consider medicine. At the time, I was tutoring many of the pre-med students and realized that we had similar interests and talents. There was no turning back once this idea was planted.

What drew you to family medicine?
Family medicine was always in the forefront of my desires. The clinic that treated my family saw us for all of our issues. The physician who delivered me was still my doctor by the time I went into medical school. There is a tremendous variety in what is seen by family medicine doctors. The ability to see the whole person and mentor a patient and their family at all stages of their life is what drew me to this specialty.

What made you want to join Mercy?
I joined Mercy after a long search throughout the Midwest. Primary care is a tremendously strong focus to Mercy where it was clear that other clinics have a specialty care focus. It is exciting to bring my experiences to the table.  I have been well received as a primary care provider and as an innovator of the practice of medicine.

Daniel Stahl MD Mercy Clinic Family Medicine South Lindbergh Dr. Daniel Stahl recently joiend Mercy Clinic Family Medicine - South Lindbergh in Sunset Hills.

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