Daisy Winners Make Big Impact

May 21, 2018

This quarter's DAISY Award winners at Mercy Hospital St. Louis are Rhonda Morrow, a pediatric nurse and Gladys Shaw, a Med/Surg nurse. 

Morrow's nomination came from a former patient who was so impressed by the compassionate care she received at age 16, she was determined to become a nurse – and be the best nurse she could be.

“My hero is Rhonda…When I was 16, my parents separated…I took it incredibly hard. The same summer…I tore my ACL…I finally had my knee surgery the first week of Christmas break. Less than a week later, I’m back in the hospital with a massive DVT in the same leg. IT HURT. But more than that, it was scary!

“Here I am in the hospital the week of Christmas, the first Christmas my parents wouldn’t be together, my leg hurt, I was sad, scared, tired and in pain. At one point I had chest pain…and it was just a gas bubble. I burped and felt better, but I started to cry. Rhonda was my nurse…I was bawling my eyes out because it was as though all the anger, fear, exhaustion, all came out at once…Rhonda…went above and beyond. She comforted me, let me cry, stroked my arm, and talked with me…She knew I needed TLC, and she gave buckets of it...

"That day, Rhonda made a lasting impression...I decided, 'THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP.'...Nursing was something I'd already thought about, but Rhonda planted the seed that became earnestness and eagerness to be the best nurse I could be. I am now a 24-year-old healthy, happy, young woman who graduates in May from Maryville University with my BSN and RN. This very day, I officially accepted my first nursing position as a GN at Mercy. I could not be more joyful. After I left the meeting where I accepted this position, I visited Rhonda. She's still the best nurse on the Peds floor - maybe in the whole hospital as far as I'm concerned. Rhonda is the reason I became a nurse. I am forever grateful."

Rhonda Morrow and Gladys Shaw - Daisy winners APRIL 2018

Mercy Hospital St. Louis' April 2018 DAISY Award winners. Rhonda Morrow, pediatrics, with her nominator Abigail Nelson (now a Mercy nurse). Gladys Shaw, a nurse on the medical/surgical floor.

Shaw's nomination came from a patient’s daughter who was very appreciative of the love and attention her mother received from Shaw and all her mother’s nurses who helped restore her health and her hope.

“Gladys is such an amazing woman. She put my mother’s needs first and gave her the love and attention she needed. These women nurses and this 6th floor are AMAZING. I know all these notes have some of the same words: amazing, special, kind…no one thinks a hospital could be a self-help session but that is what this was. A broken, beaten down woman entered this hospital on March 29th, her 50th birthday, and left a strong, independent woman. Thank all of you women for giving my mom love and hope again. Thank you!”

The DAISY Award is part of an international program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. 

Thanks to Rhonda and Gladys, and all Mercy nurses, for what you do each and every day for your patients.

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