Coaching Runners and Patients to be Successful

June 25, 2018

After 45 years of running, Mercy’s Patty Cyr isn’t slowing down. She completed her 50th marathon, part of the New England Challenge running six marathons in six states in six days. Her goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states and she only has 10 states left to complete.

Cyr, a nurse in Mercy Care Management at Mercy Hospital St. Louis for 15 years, joined a cross country team at the age of 10, followed by cross country in high school and a running super squad when she joined the Army.

"I ran my first marathon in Kona, Hawaii in June 2006 as part of a group called 'Train to End Stroke' that I learned about from a presentation at Mercy," Cyr recalled.

Patty Cyr Marathon collage

Patty Cyr recently completed her 50th marathon during the New England Challenge where she ran six marathon in six states in six days.

Now, not only does she run marathons, she helps coach for them too. “I love coaching and hope to teach others to love running as much as I do.”

She relates coaching to her work as a care manager. "As a care manager, I help patients and families get the services and equipment they need to be succesful at home," Cyr said. "In coaching, I teach my runners the skiills they need and help them find the equipment (shoes, proper clothes, proper nutrition and hydration) they need to be successful."

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