Alexis Curran Wins DAISY Nursing Award

August 3, 2018

RN Alexis Curran became a much-needed friend to a patient in early labor. The patient wrote:

"Alexis quickly became my friend during my hospital stay. When I was admitted, for my water breaking at 27 weeks, I was terrified. Alexis would sit with me through the pain and many tears from labor. She not only sat with me, but she talked to me. She listened. She laughed. She even cried. We bonded over my unborn child. He would kick her and hide from her, but Alexis’ patience with me paid off.  She was one of the many nurses who helped me in carrying my son another five weeks.

If it wasn’t for Alexis’ compassion and love for what she does, my son may not have made it out as healthy and thriving as he did. I believe Alexis truly does deserve this award for all that she does."

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