Generous Donors Make Big Impact on Lebanon Patients

September 19, 2018

Generous donors gave from the heart to impact health care in Lebanon, and the Mercy Health Foundation Board of Directors is sending its thanks.

“We wanted to share with the entire community what a difference our donor’s partnerships with us make,” said Brennon Willard, chair of Mercy Health Foundation Lebanon. “We hit a landmark with gifts totaling more than $1 million this past year. From large gifts to smaller donations, it all adds up to helping our friends and neighbors.” 


15-year-old Claudia Becker holds the check she presented to Mercy Health Foundation Lebanon after her fundraiser to help cancer patients. Her gift, combined with many others, contributed to more than $1 million in donations during the past year.

Here’s a look at how that money has been put to use:

  • Mercy Hospital Lebanon Chapel – Dedication and blessing in late July
  • Cell phone chargers in three locations in the hospital
  • Gammaprobe – used for sentinel lymph node mapping to see if cancer has spread
  • Nutritional shakes for cancer patients at the Curry Cancer Center
  • Curry Cancer Center support
  • Refurbishment of the palliative care suite in the intensive care unit by Janet’s Wish
  • Janet’s Wish comfort gifts for hospice patients
  • Mercy Fitness Park, available for the enjoyment of the entire community
  • Patient assistance for both transportation and prescriptions
  • Community Cares/Lebanon Area Foundation support
  • Mercy Co-worker Crisis Fund
  • Pediatric bay in surgery recovery thanks to a generous partnership with Missouri Cooperage
  • Team Anita patient transportation assistance and prescriptions assistance

Mercy Hospital Lebanon's new chapel is another example of how the community came together to fund a project.

“We are so grateful for the partnership and for the incredibly kind individuals, families, and businesses that have a desire to help their neighbors,” said Byron Dudley, vice chair of Mercy Health Foundation Lebanon. “From the new chapel to nutritional shakes for our cancer patients, donations have touched the body and souls of our patients.”

If you are interested in partnering with the Mercy Health Foundation, please contact executive director Karen Simpson-Neasby at 417-533-6192 or  

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