RN Tracy Cook Wins DAISY Award For Her Care Of A Young Patient

February 26, 2019

Tracy Cook went to great lengths to care for a young patient like he was her own. Her nominators spoke of how she was such a blessing on one of the toughest days of their lives. They wrote:

Tracy went above and beyond in caring for our two-year-old son. She was the team member that we felt was the most on our side during our stay at the hospital. Our son had been NPO (no food or drink) all day and it was getting very hard to console a hungry, hurting little one. Tracy kept calling other departments to try and get him seen sooner, despite the discomfort of "rocking the boat." She kept us informed all day long regarding his plan of care.

Immediately after we returned from surgery, our little one was screaming because we were behind on pain medicine. Tracy came in to the room a few minutes later to tell us that her shift was over and saw that we were all struggling. She didn't care that it was time to go home. She set her belongings down and literally dropped everything to help get our baby taken care of. She gave him pain medicine and made sure that we felt like he was taken care of before she went home.

We felt that Tracy went to great lengths to care for our child as though he was her own. We never had to prompt her for help or to check on something—she was doing it before we could even ask. She was such a blessing to us on one of the toughest days we have ever had as parents!


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