Introducing Dr. Jenny Detert

September 18, 2019

ST. LOUIS - Pediatrician Dr. Jenny Detert recently joined Mercy Clinic Pediatrics - Fenton. A native of Seattle, Dr. Detert says she's happiest when the air is crisp with just a little bit of rain.  She loves traveling and learning about new cultures through food. She and her husband Nickolai - a nurse practitioner with Mercy Clinic Family Medicine - Olive-Mason - have two energetic young sons. 

Did you always know you wanted to be a doctor?
I have been interested in becoming a doctor ever since I was a young child. When other kids said they were going to be a firefighter or a teacher, I always said I was going to be a doctor so that I could help people and fix their boo boos. In college, I shadowed several physicians and worked in a lab. Being a physician was a great fit for me as it blended together my love of science and interacting with people.

detert-jenny-md-mercy-clinic-pediatrics-fenton Dr. Jenny Detert recently joined Mercy Clinic Pediatrics - Fenton.

What drew you to your specialty? 
I originally entered medical school thinking I was going to be an OB/GYN. Then I observed my first c-section delivery and instead of staying with the mom, I followed the baby out of the sterile field. I was hooked on pediatrics ever since. I love how funny and resilient kids are. It's a privilege and honor for me when a parent chooses me to be their child’s pediatrician. 

What made you want to join Mercy?
I was drawn to Mercy’s mission to serve their patients and community. My husband grew up in St. Louis and when we made the decision to move back to the Midwest to be closer to family, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to work for an organization that truly “talks the talk and walks the walk.” 

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