Introducing Dr. Joshy Pathiparampil

October 18, 2019

Dr. Joshy Pathiparampil is new to St. Louis but has quickly discovered the area is right for him and a great place to call home. Now, as a rheumatologist at Mercy Clinic Rheumatology – Southfork, he is looking forward to the chance to build long term relationships with his patients.


Did you always know you wanted to be a doctor?

I didn't always know that I wanted to be a doctor. As a child, I was very curious, constantly reading, and always learning. My parents noticed my natural abilities, and their encouragement eventually led me to medical school.

pathiparampil_joshy_web Dr. Joshy Pathiparampil recently joined Mercy Clinic Rheumatology – Southfork. As a rheumatologist, he treats patients with autoimmune diseases and diseases of the supporting structures of the body, such as joints, tendons and ligaments.

What drew you to your specialty?

I knew I wanted to be a rheumatologist during my internal medicine residency, where I had a wide exposure to autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases can be complex to diagnose and to treat, and I felt capable of the challenge. The rheumatology faculty at State University of New York (SUNY) in Brooklyn is very supportive and created an environment conducive to learning and pursuing my clinical interests. Additionally, since many rheumatic diseases are chronic, rheumatologists have the opportunity to get to know our patients over time in order to improve and positively impact their lives.


What made you want to join Mercy?

I joined Mercy because I felt that the available position would be a good fit for me. As I was finishing my medical training in Brooklyn, my partner, who is from the Midwest (Illinois), discussed moving to a smaller city with a lower cost of living. We visited some friends who live in St. Louis and knew that we could live here. The St. Louis area has plenty to offer in terms of dining and activities, and the pace of life is much less stressful.

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