Mercy NWA Expands Visitor Restrictions

July 2, 2020

We understand the difficulties caused by limiting access for patient’s family and loved ones.  However, please be assured safety is of the utmost importance for our patients, our co-workers, and for every person we serve.  We ask for your understanding and courtesy as we provide a safe environment for all persons in our care.

With the exception of ED patients, all visitors should use the main Hospital Entrance for entry and exit to and from the hospital.

All visitors must wear masks and practice proper hand hygiene. 

Personal property for non-ED patients must be dropped off at the main Hospital entrance during regular daytime hours.  Front door screeners will deliver the items to the patient/room #.

Interpreter questions: Please reassure family that we use a live interpreter service to assist with communication, and we will call them at the number they’ve provided if we need additional information re: history, medications, etc. 

Hospital Visitor Restrictions

No visitors will be allowed, with the following exceptions:

  • Visitors age 18 or older for patients receiving end-of-life care at the discretion of the physician.
  • One support person age 18 or older for laboring mothers.
  • One adult visitor for OB clinic patients.
  • One adult visitor for pediatric clinic patients (two for newborns).
  • Two parents per pediatric patient at a time.
  • Two parents per NICU patient at a time.        
  • One visitor for patients in wheelchairs and those needing special assistance.
  • One escort for visitors in wheelchairs.
  • One visitor or driver age 18 or older for patients undergoing urgent procedures.
  • ER Visitors: One visitor per emergency room patient deemed to be in critical condition by the ER physician; one visitor for an emergency room patient in a wheelchair and requiring assistance; minor patients may be accompanied by one parent.
  • ICU Visitors: One adult visitor for 30 minutes per day (up to 2 consistent visitors allowed during the hospitalization)

Visitors or escorts who meet exceptions must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Submit to a wellness check.
  • Be free of fever and cough.
  • Visitor hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Clinic Visitor Restrictions

  • One visitor per clinic patient
  • Those serving as interpreters or acting as health care power of attorney are not considered visitors and are welcome in our clinics.
  • Young children may also accompany parents/guardians if childcare isn’t available.

Additional Information

  • Virtual visitation and involvement are very important. 
    • iPads are available for ED patients without Skype or Facetime on their personal devices.
    • Our caregivers will ensure the families’ devices are connected for virtual communication, if available. 
  • Contact numbers for the patient’s representative will be obtained upon patient arrival. 
  • The patient’s nurse will provide his/her number to the patient’s representative.  

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