Husband-Wife Team are New Doctors at Mercy Lebanon

June 17, 2020

Mercy’s newest primary care providers in Lebanon are not only ready to keep you healthy – they’re excited about joining the community and hopefully raising a family there.

“Growing up in a small town, I enjoyed the strong bond I developed with people around me,” said Dr. Hassan Ali, who was born in Pakistan but moved to Port Huron, Michigan, when he was eight years old.

It’s what drew him and his wife and medical partner, Dr. Sofia Iqbal, to Lebanon, after working for several years as hospital-based physicians at Mercy Springfield. “We wanted to transition to outpatient care and be somewhere with that small-town feel,” she said. “We found both in Lebanon.”

Iqbal-Ali-Composite-Web Drs. Sofia Iqbal and Hassan Ali are the newest providers at Mercy Clinic Internal Medicine - Lebanon.

The pair met at King Edward Medical University in Pakistan and have been married for six years. Dr. Iqbal comes from a family of physicians. “From a young age, I admired how my parents were able to care for those in need while doing what they loved,” she said. “I am so grateful and humbled that I, too, can enjoy this privilege.”

Dr. Ali agrees. “My sense of gratification comes from the well-being of those around me,” he said. “If I can spend my life serving those in need, then I consider that a life well spent.”

Both physicians also say they want to keep you well – not just treat you when you’re ill. “I’m a strong believer that prevention is better than a cure,” Dr. Iqbal said. “My focus will be preventing, mitigating and resolving my patients’ health issues.”

As for Dr. Ali, “I’ll use up-to-date medical knowledge, combined with compassion, to make a difference one person at a time so I can serve this community as a whole.”

When they aren’t working, you might catch Dr. Iqbal cooking up a new recipe or practicing the violin, which she is currently trying to learn. Dr. Ali will likely be capturing videos of the Ozarks landscape with his drone, or tinkering with a new electronic gadget.

“Sofia and I are thrilled and feel so blessed to have joined this wonderful community,” Dr. Ali said. “We’re ready to serve our new neighbors and can’t wait to meet everyone.” 

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