Mercy Clinic Brings Psychiatry to Washington

September 29, 2020

The need for behavioral health services continues to grow and in an effort to address this, Mercy has opened Mercy Clinic Psychiatry in Washington, 901 Patients First Dr., Ste. 3700, with Dr. Binu Chakkamparambil providing care.

Dr. Chakkamparambil (known as “Dr. C” to her patients) will provide outpatient behavioral health services for adults with mental health concerns. Her areas of expertise include treating depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis and behavioral disorders. She has additional training in geriatric psychiatry to help elderly patients who suffer from psychosis in dementia and depression.

Her passion to know and understand human nature and what makes everyone unique is what prompted Dr. Chakkamparambil to learn about psychiatry. 

mercy-clinic-psychiatriy-washington-binu-chakkamparambil Dr. Binu Chakkamparambil recently opened Mercy Clinic Psychiatry in Washington, Missouri.


“Learning and understanding the brain to diagnose the different disorders and to help my patients manage their life with balance is my constant driving force,” she said. “Mental disorders are sometimes confusing, as well as stigmatizing, in our communities. My goal is to make patients feel at ease while discussing their symptoms and to help their family members understand the disease process, just like any other medical problem such as diabetes or hypertension.”

Dr. Chakkamparambil added she wants her patients and their families to develop trust in their relationship and feel free to have open discussions. As a board-certified psychiatrist, she provides a thorough mental health assessment and develops personalized treatment plans for each patient in her practice.

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