Nurse Residency Program - Springfield, MO

Information for New Graduates

Application Information:

  • You would need to apply online for the Graduate Nurse Hiring event posting which will be on the web as early as 6 months prior to graduation.
  • If you are unable to attend the event or are unsure at that early date you can always apply for RN positions once you have graduated and are licensed.
  • In the education section of the application, please state that you have not graduated yet if applicable, but please be sure to note your expected graduation date.
  • Please allow 15 – 20 minutes for the application and another 20 minutes to complete the Talent Online Assessment.
  • Monitor the Website well before your graduation; our Hiring Event is several months before your actual graduation date.

What titles do I search for entry level nursing positions?

  • Nursing-Graduate Nurse Hiring event or after graduation any RN position you are qualified for.

What to expect after you have applied:

  • If you are selected to start the interview process, someone from our HR team will contact you for the next step.
  • We appreciate your patience as we review the large volume of applicants.  

Residency Information:

Mercy’s Nurse Residency is a year-long program designed to support our new graduates as they transition to independent professional practice. Offers of employment to GNs are made for a particular unit the GN indicates an interest in and interviews for. Our residency program works in collaboration with unit-specific nursing orientation to provide an evidence-based experience. All nurse residents receive nursing orientation on their assigned unit with experienced preceptors, and skill development with unit-based educators.

Related shadowing experiences are scheduled in sister units to provide expanded knowledge base. Additionally, time is spent in Mercy’s Simulation Lab reviewing code situations and the crash cart specific to your unit and patient population.

Residency programs are best practice and offer a variety of learning opportunities. Applicable topics are covered through a weekly class for the first two months, then once a month via classroom discussion and online modules. Residency class content is relevant to nurses in every clinical specialty. Examples include Introduction to LEAN Processes, RN:MD Communication, Ethical Decision Making, and Spirituality.

Nurse residents have opportunity to work on a Performance Improvement project the last three months of their residency. At the end of the year, residents share their projects during a poster display attended by Mercy nursing leaders, physicians, and executive administration as well as area faculty, nursing peers and invited guests. The day culminates in a congratulatory luncheon as residents officially complete their program and become eligible for placement on Mercy’s professional nursing clinical ladder, SHINE. Mercy’s clinical ladder was developed to publically and monetarily recognize RNs for their dedication towards providing excellent nursing care, professional growth, and patient/family/coworker satisfaction. SHINE is an acronym for Shaping and Inspiring Nursing Excellence.

For Residency Questions:

For Application Questions:

  • Alan Dixon, Nursing Recruiter 820-3070
  • Carrie Sanders, Nursing Recruiter 820-6439