Welcome. With a nearly 200 year legacy, Mercy is grateful for the remarkable women who began our ministry and the Sisters who have sustained it through eight generations.

Today, this legacy is carried on by 44,000 co-workers, with each of us answering the same call to offer health care that is innovative, compassionate and rooted in faith.

The Sisters of Mercy

Catherine McAuley was born in Dublin, Ireland, and founded the Sisters of Mercy.  A woman of deep faith, Catherine spent her entire inheritance building a home to educate children and care for women in need. Her “House of Mercy” still endures today, as does the ministry of the Sisters. Find out more about Mercy’s legacy of excellent care.

Care for Women

When the Sisters of Mercy were founded, women and children were especially vulnerable to illness and poverty. For this reason, the Sisters gave special attention to their needs. Today, Mercy remains deeply committed to helping women live healthier lives. From heart specialists to same day mammography appointments, we partner with women to make it easier to care for themselves… and everyone else.

The First Sisters of Mercy in America

Sister Francis Xavier Warde and the five young women who accompanied her across the Atlantic left everything behind them to answer a call from the Bishop of Pittsburgh. As the first Sisters of Mercy in America, they spread rapidly across the country, meeting the needs of rapidly growing communities. Their legacy of innovation continues today, with Mercy building the world’s first virtual hospital, caring for patients from coast to coast.

Helping Communities

Being drawn by need, the Sisters of Mercy settled across the American frontier, building hospitals and establishing the health care infrastructure that would support growing populations, especially during epidemics of small pox and other diseases. The men and women of Mercy remain committed to bringing care wherever it is needed most, with state of the art hospitals, clinics and specialty services

Born at Mercy

Hundreds of thousands of babies have begun their lives at Mercy, and like their parents, we welcome each with joy. Expectant parents who choose us are invited to create a birth plan around what matters most to them, supported at all times by highly trained and experienced physicians, nurses and neo-natal specialists. Discover how being “Born at Mercy” is a blessing not only for baby, but mom and dad, too.

Celebrating Faith

One of the unique features of the Mercy health care ministry is the daily and permeating presence of our Catholic Christian faith.  We are grateful to minister to our patients and their families holistically, from daily prayers in our hospital to virtual chaplains supporting those with chronic health concerns.  We consider our work to be an extension of Christ's healing ministry, and gladly support our patients with other faith traditions, as well.