Your Child's Room

Your child may be admitted to Mercy Children’s Hospital from the Pediatric Emergency Room. Watch as Thomas shows you the way through the ER, Pediatric ICU and the rooms on the Pediatrics floor.

The rooms in our pediatric areas are designed for your child’s comfort and your family’s. Each room has advanced equipment to care for your child, as well as touches that provide a healing environment. The sofa converts to a bed for a caregiver to stay overnight. Each room has a communication board to help keep you informed.

Phone calls to family and friends are a very important part of any hospital stay. Dial 9 to get an outside number. Your child’s safety and security are very important to us. We ask that you make sure the side rails are up on the bed if you step away. Also, no latex balloons are allowed in patient areas. Mylar balloons are fine. Hand washing is very important to us. It is OK to ask people who enter your room if they have washed their hands.

Pediatric patients wear a HUGS™ bracelet for their security. Please don’t take your child too close to exits as the alarm may be activated.

The wall in your room has a thermostat that you can adjust. Just look for the dial on the side of the thermostat. If you have questions or feel there’s a problem, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. We care about your comfort.