Patient Testimonials

“I really had no idea what a journey I would have in front of me when I first stepped into her office. I was scared, naive and in a complete fog when I first met with Dr. B. From the very beginning, she had a special way about her that would make me feel at ease. Her professionalism, knowledge and compassion was evident every step of the way from my biopsy, diagnosis, surgeries and even treatment options. Her fresh and current understanding of the newest research available complimented her inner wisdom that showed through beyond her years. I always knew that Dr. B had my best interest in mind and was there to help explain what was going on and what I could expect. She comforted me while sharing in a few tears during what was one of the scariest times of my life. I will never forget what she has done for me and while I am still not completely finished with my reconstruction, I am very pleased with my results. The breast cancer journey is a process and choosing the right breast surgeon that will see you all the way through is so important.


“Hania Bednarski is a first-class surgeon and doctor of the highest caliber. She has character, caring and compassion that are part of her excellent skills.

As a surgeon she is tops: as a person, she is a wonderful, unparalled healer!”

–Valerie P.