Mercy Clinic Children's Wellness - Fort Scott

403 Woodland Hills Boulevard
Suite A
Fort Scott, KS 66701
Fax: (620) 223-8001
Hours of Operation:
By appointment only. Please call to schedule.
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Children are our greatest natural resource

Mercy, in collaboration with the Healthy Bourbon County Action Team, offers a service focused on engaging families and youth in healthy lifestyles and behaviors.

Studies indicate today’s children are the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Mercy Clinic Children’s Wellness is working to prevent chronic disease starting with our youth including:

Upon admission to Mercy Clinic Children’s Wellness, the care team will address behavior and lifestyle choices, including diet and physical activity.  

What Does This Program Offer?

Evidence-based Approach to Pediatric Care

Mercy Clinic Children’s Wellness helps your child and family improve your overall health by making everyday lifestyle and behavior changes necessary to live a longer, fuller life.

Your family will determine its destiny by setting your own realistic goals. Our team will assist you in reaching these dreams of a healthy family by giving you the tools necessary to reach those goals.

During your initial evaluation, your child will be assessed for their readiness to change. This initial evaluation will determine the level of service needed.

We incorporate the Fit-Tastic curriculum into our message.

While the child is considered the patient, family participation will help your child succeed and is strongly encouraged.

Intervention stages

Tier 1: Structured Weight Management

Tier 1 offers patients support and structure beyond what is provided by their primary care provider. Specific eating and activity goals are set and monitored.  Counseling on eating plans is offered to the patient by a registered dietician, and a certified personal trainer helps create fitness plans. Other specialty providers are involved as needed. Patients follow up with the nurse practitioner on a monthly basis and evaluated every three months. If the patients have not met their goals after three to six months, services are increased to Tier 2.

Tier 2: Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Intervention

Patients receive the same support and service as in Tier 1 with increased structured behavior modification. A multidisciplinary team will meet with the patient weekly in clinical visits for the first 8-12 weeks, then monthly. Patient goals are evaluated every three months. If the patient has not met their goals after 3-6 months, patients are referred to tertiary care intervention.

For more information about the Mercy Clinic Children’s Wellness or to make a referral, contact Jody Hoener at 620-223-7029.

Offered in conjunction with Healthy Bourbon County Action Team and a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.