Mercy Clinic Family Medicine - Columbus

Doctor's Office
101 W. Sycamore Street
Columbus, KS 66725

Phone: (620) 429-3636
Fax: (620) 429-1301
Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

As part of a mission of service that is centuries old, a team of Joplin area health professionals including family medicine physicians, primary care physicians, and support staff are working together like never before.

Mercy Clinic is a physician-led organization that is rising to meet the needs of our community. Our name “clinic” defines how we practice, not the building where we work. We are focused on recovering our community, coordinating your health care today, and redesigning health care delivery in the future. Connected by a sophisticated electronic health record system, we are now able to share information and collaborate to bring the highest level of medicine and service to our patients.

Our vision for a new model of care is ambitious. We know that none of us can achieve it alone. That’s why we are standing together as Mercy Clinic, arm-in-arm to transform the health experience of our patients.

Meet Our Team