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Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and compassionate care to each and every patient. We recognize that each woman is unique and we tailor our diagnostic and therapeutic approach to meet our patients' individual needs. We strive to help women of all ages, from adolescence to menopause and beyond, deal with challenges and opportunities that each stage of life may present.

Our doctor has vast experience in providing care for obstetrical patients, including managing high-risk pregnancies and offer the most up-to-date treatment options, utilizing the most recent advances in minimally invasive surgery, for our gynecological patients. We are also committed to patient education, taking pride in our patient-physician relationships.

Rely on our practice for:

  • Obstetrics care during your pregnancy (including high-risk care if you need it)
  • Gynecology services and surgery

You may want to visit our other location, Mercy Clinic OBGYN - Fenton, if that is closer to your home or work. Our providers are available at either location.

Your GYN Health

Many women are mistaken in thinking that once they are done with having kids, they no longer need an OBGYN. However, in post-childbearing years, you need to be followed by a gynecologist to assure good gynecological health. Women must continue their annual pelvic and breast exams; discuss changes in their cycle; talk about prevention of various problems such as osteoporosis, breast cancer and cervical cancer;and address changes in their bodies as they age.

Peri-menopausal years bring with them lots of physical, emotional and hormonal changes. Women definitely need to be followed closely to help them cope with problems and deal with symptoms of menopause. Post-menopausal years are also full of further body changes and require gynecological care. So, yes, you do need to be seen by us even after you are done having kids.

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