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Mercy is dedicated to helping you gets a good nights sleep.  With our comprehensive testing process, we’re able to identify problems that may be keeping you awake at night and offer effective solutions. 

Mercy Ardmore now offers a full service sleep medicine program.  This program is inclusive of a sleep clinic and a sleep lab.  The sleep clinic provides a comfortable environment where you can have one on one dialogue about your sleep issues with our sleep medicine physician.  The sleep lab offers rooms designed to feel like home, for quality testing monitored by skilled sleep technicians and oversight by the sleep medicine physician to ensure continuity of care.  The benefit of having both a sleep clinic and sleep lab, allows our board certified sleep medicine physician to work with each patient throughout their care. 

We want to help get you back to doing more of what you love, starting with a good night’s sleep.  To schedule your appointment today, call us at (580) 220-6300.

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