Office Policies

For people suffering from obesity and related health conditions, weight loss surgery may be the solution.  Studies demonstrate that weight‐loss surgery, as compared to non‐surgical treatments, yields the longest period of sustained weight loss in patients who have failed other therapies.  

The first step in determining if bariatric surgery is right for you is to attend our informational session.  Here you should have many of your questions answered.   Dr. Hawver will also discuss the many guidelines to the program that are imperative to your surgical care. We want you to be prepared and informed as our patient. The team at Mercy Bariatric Center has a goal to make your journey pleasant and educational.

For best results, patients need to actively participate in our multidisciplinary weight‐loss program which includes nutritional, emotional and exercise counseling. Our team of physicians, dietitians, psychiatrists and specialized nurses is committed to providing the highest level of patient care every step of the way.