Mercy Clinic Vascular Lab and Vein Center - Whiteside

Doctor's Office
2115 S. Fremont Avenue, Suite 5000
Springfield, MO 65804

Phone: (417) 820-3912
Fax: (417) 820-3966
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Mercy Clinic – Vascular Lab & Vein Center in Springfield, MO is home to one of the most experienced, nationally accredited vascular labs in Missouri. This is a substantial benefit to the region considering nearly one third of the nation’s population is affected by vascular disease. The ability of area residents to schedule their carotid, arterial, and venous imaging studies in Springfield or Branson, and receive heart care locally, allows patients to experience a home town feel while receiving big city expertise. The center is overseen by Dr. Jon Reese. He is the first, and presently only, physician in Southwest Missouri to have earned board certification in phlebology – the study and treatment of venous disorders – from the American Board of Phlebology.

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