How's Your Work/School?

Are you employed? Are you working too much, too little? Is it difficult? Are you in a new job or new school and having trouble adjusting

As adults we often contemplate (especially on Monday mornings) why work is so important. Beyond earning money and benefits to support ourselves and our loved ones, it may be hard at times to find additional benefits to being employed.

Research suggests that several benefits do exist for people who are gainfully employed. Common benefits of work include engaging in some level of physical activity, providing a sense of community and social inclusion, assisting employees in feeling that they are contributing to society and their family.

Adults work and children and adolescents go to school. Benefits of being enrolled in and connected to school extend beyond mastering the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Research focused on the protective factors of school environments has outlined a long list of benefits, many of which have life-long positive impact on children’s physical and mental well-being.