Women with a Mission St. Louis

Catherine McAuley

A mission-minded woman, Catherine McAuley founded Sisters of Mercy. In 1827 she was moved to respond to the suffering and poverty she witnessed around her in Dublin, Ireland. With a $1 million inheritance she established the first House of Mercy in Dublin. Today, we continue to strive to carry on Catherine’s mission to serve the poor, sick and uneducated - especially women, children and the elderly.

Message from a Member

“The Women with a Mission Society provides a platform for us to help meet the health care needs of the
St. Louis community through our connection to Mercy. The Society makes our philanthropic efforts all the more meaningful and effective.”

- Tessa Trelz, Partner, Armstrong
Teasdale LLP

As Women with a Mission, we strive to continue the mission of Mercy’s founder, Catherine McAuley. For more than seven generations, Mercy has established a legacy of care giving and commitment marked by compassion and excellence that continues today.

The Women with a Mission Society combines resources, vision and passion for helping others to support and improve health care in the St. Louis community. In the spirit of Catherine McAuley, the Society brings together women from diverse backgrounds with the common goal of making a difference. Women with a Mission leverages the power of giving together.


Membership is open to all who support the mission of Mercy throughout the St. Louis community with a minimum $1,000 annual gift. Each year, the Society identifies health care needs within Mercy. Each member is an equal partner in the decision-making process, and 100 percent of each gift directly supports the project(s) selected.

Activities and Benefits

  • Opportunities to socialize and network with other empowered women
  • Invitations to educational and social events sponsored by Mercy Health Foundation St. Louis
  • Satisfaction of making a difference by meeting great needs in our community

Regular attendance is encouraged but not required.


Quarterly Update - February 2016

Quarterly Update - June 2016

Quarterly Update - February 2017

For more information or to become a member, phone 314-251-3447 or email Angela Brennan.

Women with a Mission St. Louis Members

Lynda Alexander
Barbara Archer
Patricia Arnold
Alex Arnold
Karla Bakersmith
Patricia Barnett
Patti Bauer
Thriess Britton
Nancy Bukovic
Laura Canova-Wasson
Mary Ciapciak
Dr. Sarah Cole
Christine Crain
Mary Beth Daniels
Rachael Day
Alicia Deck
Kimberly Diederich
Amy Francois
Donna Frazier
Dr. Kathleen Garcia
Diane Garea
Patricia Geldbach
Marie George
Evan Goldfarb
Nancy Gorgen
Kim Grasser
Sharon Gunter
Susan Hannasch
Roseanne Henkel
Victoria Hill
Amy Hinderer
Patti Hintze
Denise Huber
Becky Hubert
Dr. Theresa Hughes
Catherine Inkley
Dr. Robyn Jacobs
Lauri Johnston
Julie Jones
Elizabeth Jourdan
Karen Kahn
Carobeth Kelly
Dr. Ksenija Kos
Dr. Kavitha Kosuri
Linda Legg
Tanya Lieber
Linda Lindsey
Dr. Thao Marquez
Linda Martin
Cheryl Matejka
Dr. Kara Mayes
Debbie McFarland
Babette Meiners
Cynthia Mercer
Ann Meuleman
Robb Meyer
Shannon Miller
Rebecca Moore
Elaine Moore
Cheryl Morley
Linda O’Connor
Edel O’Toole
Heather Padratzik
Sujani Palagiri
Christine Pennell
Judith Pignotti
Dr. Laura Pignotti
Flora Pratt
Leslie Pugh
Dina Readinger
Debbie Rehm
Jacquelynn Richmond
Laura Richter
Maureen Richter
Tracy Riordan
Peggy Ritter
Sr. Mary Roch
Rocklage, RSM
Betty Roman
Cynthia Rosburg
Marsha Rusnack
Jacqueline Sanders
Mary Schroeder
Geralyn Schultz
Jenny Schwartz
Rene Seabaugh
Nancy Sellinger
Wendy Sengupta
Dr. Joan Shaffer
Dr. Bethany Sleckman
Virginia Starke
Peggy Steinbecker
Karen Stern
Mary Stieven
Linda Strickland
Judy Swyers
Nancy Tegeler
Tessa Trelz
Jean Vance
Suzon Villa
Shannon Vitiello
Carmen Walker
Lee Wheeler
Dawn Wheeler
Lauren Wilfling
Michelle Winters
Debra Winzen
Kathie Woehrmann