Frequently Asked Questions about EMS Subscriptions



How do you define household? 
A household membership covers the primary subscriber, his or her spouse, and financially dependent children up to age 21 living at the same residence as the subscriber.

What does a membership include?
In a medical emergency, transportation to the hospital by ambulance could save your life. But even with health insurance, it can be costly. As a Mercy Hospital El Reno Emergency Medical Service (EMS) subscriber, you can be assured that if you need our service, we will accept your insurance payment as payment in full. A subscription:

  • Includes the primary subscriber, spouse and financially dependent children up to age 21 who live at the subscriber’s residence.
  • Covers emergency ground transports in the El Reno EMS service area to a hospital emergency room.
  • Covers medically necessary non-emergency transports if insurance company or third-party provides benefit for the transport.

Why should I become a member?
If you are in an accident or have a medical condition that requires you to be transported by ambulance service and do not have a membership, you could be responsible for costly out-of-pocket charges for your transport. Health insurance often varies on the amount of coverage they will provide for ambulance transport, but as a Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS subscriber, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your ambulance transport will not create an extra financial hardship on you or your family.

As a member, Mercy will accept your insurance payment as payment in full — no need to pay your high deductible or co-payment for ambulance transport.

If you require a non-emergency transport and do not have insurance or other third-party coverage, or if you have insurance and the claim is denied, the EMS subscriber will be charged a reduced fee equal to 60 percent of Mercy Hospital El Reno’s standard non-emergency fee. A non-emergency transport occurs when a hospital emergency room is not the final destination. To schedule a non-emergency transport, call 405-262-9784.

Are family members covered?
Membership covers you, your spouse, and children under the age of 21 who live in the subscriber’s residence. Once you’re a member, please notify us of any changes in your family status or insurance companies.

Is there a limit to the number of ambulance rides a member can have?
There is no limit to the number of ambulance rides a member may take in a year. Each ride is handled the same way and must be deemed medically necessary by the dispatching agency.

Can I call Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS directly for ambulance service? If not, who do I call in an emergency?
Always call 911 when requesting help for patients in a life-threatening medical situation. An ambulance will then be dispatched to your location.

Are Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS subscriptions a type of insurance?
No. A Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS subscription is not an insurance policy and is not considered secondary insurance coverage or supplemental coverage to any insurance policy.

Will my primary insurance cover the entire cost of an ambulance ride? If not, how much do they cover?
The amount of coverage an insurance company will provide for ambulance transport varies. Most insurance companies will only cover a portion of the cost and patients are usually responsible for a co-pay or a deductible before insurance payments are made. We recommend you contact your insurance company directly to obtain detailed information regarding ambulance coverage.

If I have Medicaid, do I need a membership?
No. Some state laws prohibit Medicaid beneficiaries from being offered membership or accepted into membership programs.

Do you offer gift memberships?
The Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS Subscription program does offer gift memberships. You can purchase a household membership for your friends, family members or neighbors. On the application, please indicate that you are purchasing the membership as a gift, and how we may reach you for questions. Just fill out the recipient’s information on the membership application. We will also ask how you would like renewals handled annually.

Once I purchase a membership, how long will it take to go into effect?
New member benefits take effect five business days after your membership application and payment is received by Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS; however, the waiting period will be waived for unforeseen events occurring during such time.

What if I purchase a Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS subscription and I am transported by another ambulance provider - who is responsible for the bill?If Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS does not transport you, you are responsible for payment of the bill. Our membership program only covers ambulance transports provided by our service.

Who decides which hospital a patient is transported to?
When an ambulance is called, time is of the essence. Patients in life-threatening situations often require transport to specialty hospitals. Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS will transport to the closest appropriate medical facility.

Will my membership cover air ambulance services as well?
No. Mercy Hospital El Reno EMS subscriptions do not cover emergency transport by air.