Docudramas (Mock Car Crashes)

As a Missouri and Arkansas designated Level 1 Trauma and Burn Center, Mercy is dedicated to community outreach and prevention by providing educational programs. Mercy's emergency personnel too often see the devastating results of teens choosing to drive distracted or impaired. In order to help prevent these tragedies, Mercy’s Injury Prevention Center offers to partner with local high schools to stage mock car crashes or docudramas.

The purpose of a docudrama is to give students a glimpse of what happens during a serious traffic crash and discuss the dangers associated with driving unrestrained, distracted, or impaired.

The process of setting up a docudrama is a community effort. A team of Mercy Injury Prevention coordinators uses makeup and other supplies to transform student volunteers into realistic-looking crash victims. Mercy also provides a planning packet to each school that helps assist them in all areas involved. Firefighters, paramedics, police officers and other emergency personnel respond to the scene as if it were a real situation. The local fire departments use the Jaws of Life to extract crash victims from the car. Paramedics treat victims’ mock injuries and police officers give sobriety tests to the drivers.

Each year approximately 20 high schools in the Ozarks coordinate a docudrama with the Mercy Injury Prevention Center. Following the crash scene, the student audience attends an assembly led by a Mercy Injury Prevention Center educator, which gives the student body an opportunity to discuss the crash scene and the events surrounding the mock crash.

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