Safety Presentations

In partnership with Safe Kids Springfield, Mercy’s Injury Prevention Center offers a variety of presentations to the community free of charge. If you would like to schedule any of the following presentations for a class, assembly, or another event please call our office at 417-820-7233.

Presentations available:

ATV Safety

The ATV presentation reviews Missouri’s ATV rider law, which says all riders under the age of 16 must wear a helmet and be supervised by an adult. This program covers the importance of wearing a helmet and proper protective gear, teaches children the most common causes of ATV rollover and crashes, and discusses riding techniques. A brief discussion of the brain and nervous system is included in this presentation.

Bicycle Safety

The Bike Safety Presentation focuses on the importance of wearing a bike helmet and protective gear. It also focuses on traffic safety and the rules of the road. This program can be modified for any age group and to include a skateboard, scooter, and rollerblade safety. Discussion of the brain and nervous system is included in this presentation.

Larger Bike Safety presentations including helmet fitting and obstacle courses are also available. These often include cones and road signs incorporating skills reviewed in the presentation and putting them into practice.

Burn and Fire Safety

Burns are the leading cause of trauma admission to mercy. This presentation includes the basics of fire safety including home escape during a fire, playing with fire, and the dangers of flammable liquids such as gasoline. This program also includes the life-changing consequences of a burn injury. This presentation can be tailored to your group’s specific needs and age group.

Poison Prevention

The Poison Prevention program is designed to illustrate the dangers of hazardous household items. This program includes many visual and active participation activities as well as visual aids such as lookalike jars to illustrate similarities between safe and unsafe household products. This program is mostly targeted to younger ages but can be adjusted to some extent.

Home Safety

The objective of this program is to provide children and adults with skills to stay out of harm’s way at home. It includes burn and fire safety as well as general rules to stay safe in every room of the house. A special emphasis is placed on calling 911 and knowing danger zones in the home. Poison Prevention and water safety are additional topics that can be covered. This presentation can be tailored to your group’s specific needs.

Seat Belt Safety

This presentation provides Children with the necessary knowledge to buckle up on every car ride. It also teaches the importance of riding in the back seat, airbags, and other protective devices. This presentation includes a discussion about Missouri’s booster seat law. An actual vehicle seat can be brought into the classroom to teach the students how to use the seat belt properly.

Car Seat and Booster Safety

Mercy’s Injury Prevention Center is a national inspection station for child safety seats and child passenger safety education. Currently, we have child passenger safety technicians available by appointment to install and check child safety seats (417-820-7233). About 90% of all car seats are installed improperly. This can lead to serious injuries to a child in a crash. We offer both inspection/instillations as well as presentations by certified technicians. Please call to schedule an appointment or presentation.

Water Safety

The Water Safety Presentation focuses on the best safety practices in a variety of situations including pool safety, and boat safety. As drowning is the second leading cause of death in children, this discussion focuses on many preventative strategies to keep kids safe in the water.

Distracted Driving

This presentation focuses on the risks and consequences of distracted driving as well as best practices for safe driving. Discussion will include Seatbelts, texting while driving, and the physics of a crash. This presentation can be tailored to any age group including teens, families, and professionals.

Teen Driving

High School Presentation:

Tailored for either a classroom or assembly setting, our Teen Driving presentation is a realistic look at the consequences of motor vehicle crashes. The physics of a crash are discussed and related to common injury patterns observed in our Level 1 Trauma Center. The presentation stresses the importance of wearing a seatbelt, and discusses topics such as speeding, alcohol use, and distracted driving.


A docudrama is a staged motor vehicle crash played out in front of the student body. Students are carefully selected to represent crash victims and are made-up to have realistic-looking injuries. This event requires extensive planning; however, it is a powerful tool that allows students to experience the consequences of drinking or distracted driving. The docudrama is a community effort, involving the school, fire, police, emergency medical services, the coroner or funeral home, and Mercy’s Injury Prevention Center. Mercy will provide a planning guide for the docudrama, makeup and personnel to create realistic injury, and a speaker to present to an assembly.

Sports Safety

In 2013, more than 1.24 million children ages 19 and under were seen in emergency departments for injuries related to 14 commonly played sports. This presentation focuses on some of the simple things we can do to help reduce preventable injuries including preventing concussions, keeping hydrated, wearing protective gear, and proper warm ups.

Safety Materials