Safety Town

Safety Town is a comprehensive safety program for the preschool to 1st grade age group including a safety curriculum and an interactive Safety Town experience.

The Safety Town curriculum is a collection of 10 short safety lessons accompanied by a Safety Town coloring book. Each lesson focuses on a different safety topic, including 911, bike safety and fire safety and encourages guest speakers like local firefighters, and police officers.

After completing the curriculum in the classroom, students will receive a certificate of completion, free T-shirt, and get to participate in Safety Town, a miniature city where the students can ride around on tricycles and practice what they have learned stopping at crosswalks and stop signs. This city can be set up in a large parking area and includes 11 buildings, an assortment of tricycles, stop signs, roads, and even crosswalks.

If you are interested in organizing Safety Town for your class or organization, contact us at 417-820-SAFE (7233) or email