Oxygen Therapy

Using Oxygen at Home

If you need oxygen therapy at home, it is important to learn how to use and take care of your equipment. Mercy Medical Supply can help. We provide home delivery, set-up and education on how to use oxygen at home.

You can travel even though you use oxygen, but you’ll need to plan ahead. Mercy Medical Supply offers free use of portable concentrators for patients that travel. Our Eclipse concentrators are FAA approved and can be charged with AC or DC. Through our integrated network of providers, Mercy Medical Supply can support you even when traveling outside our service area or on longer trips. We are able to arrange delivery of tanks or a stationary concentrator at your destination.

Mercy Medical Supply offers trained Respiratory Therapists to assist you in choosing the right option for your oxygen needs. There are many different portable oxygen options available today. Mercy Medical Supply offers a variety of portable oxygen devices to best fit your needs and give you the freedom you desire. These options include portable oxygen concentrators, different sizes of oxygen tanks, and Home Fill systems. We work with your physician to choose the source that fits your needs. A combination may be best. Some people use a concentrator at home, keep a large oxygen tank on hand as a backup, and have small tanks or a portable concentrator for use outside the home.