Botanical, Vitamin and Nutrition Supplement Education

Sometimes our body doesn't process certain vitamins or nutrients like it should. When that happens, your doctor might prescribe taking a supplement or additional vitamins. If you've ever wandered down the vitamin isle at your local store, you know exactly how many different kinds of supplements there are. How do you know which one to take? That is where Mercy's Integrative Medicine and nutritional therapists can help.

Integrative Medicine is a field of care that combines traditional medical practices with complementary non-standard treatments. Under the guidance of your doctor, a nutritional therapist will evaluate your current eating habits, health history, nutritional lab values and any current supplements to help you make sense of it all.

Mercy's nutritional therapists have your best health outcome in mind

Your nutritional therapist will discuss the benefits and potential risks of taking supplements, such as interactions that might occur with medications you are taking. Mercy's top priority is getting and keeping you healthy, so you can do more of what you love. If you have questions about botanical, vitamin or nutritional supplements, please contact your Mercy doctor.

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