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Mercy's Plan For Childbirth

Your pregnancy is special and unique—and your birth experience should be, too.

The last months of pregnancy can be an exciting, and sometimes scary, time. Knowing what to expect ahead of time—and planning as much as you can—offers moms-to-be peace of mind. It all starts with solid information from a trusted health partner like Mercy.

Mercy’s Plan for Childbirth answers questions you may have about labor and delivery, including:

  • information on the third trimester
  • what to have ready before your due date
  • how to really know when you're in labor
  • giving baby the best start during the critical first hours, and more.

Mercy’s leading OB/GYN physicians provide personalized care for you and your baby, including regular screenings and checkups to give you peace of mind as your family grows. We’ll answer your questions, address your concerns and connect you to other Mercy resources to help you and your family prepare.