Children's Hospital

The sheer size of a hospital can intimidate an adult. Imagine how that big building can frighten a small child.

Mercy Kids includes hospitals that strive to be welcoming places for families, where parents and children can remain close, no matter how long the stay. We put all the services you and your child need in one place, in an environment designed to soothe and comfort families at what can seem a stressful time.

Our children’s specialists provide testing, surgery and treatments for a wide variety of diseases, injuries and conditions in spaces just for kids. Many surgeries and treatments can be performed in our outpatient facilities, so you and your child can return home the same day. For treatment or recovery that requires a longer stay, Mercy’s children hospitals offer play rooms for patients as well as family rooms, where parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters can relax and take a break.

Our children’s hospitals also feature:

  • A pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
  • An emergency department with pediatricians who specialize in emergency medicine
  • Recovery rooms where parents can be with their child right after surgery

At Mercy Kids, we see children from birth through adolescence, through anything childhood brings. We're here when and where your child needs us, even if those needs require a stay in the hospital.

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