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Mercy's Toddler Time Guide

Keep your camera ready… and Mercy’s free guide close by. 

The toddler years are the magic years. From first words to walking, years one through three are packed with major milestones.

But the toddler years come with their share of frustrations, too. Toddlers can swing from being adorable to throwing a temper tantrum in the blink of an eye. Solid advice from trusted experts helps.

Get parenting tips for toddlers from Mercy Kids. Our free guide gives you tips on toddler care at every age and stage. Get information on:

  • Monitoring milestones
  • Developing healthy eating habits
  • Dealing with picky eating
  • Potty training
  • Handling tantrums
  • Transitioning to day care
  • Identifying early signs of autism spectrum disorder

With more than 800 physicians and advanced practice providers, two children's hospitals, three pediatric ERs, pediatric clinics, convenient care locations and virtual care options, Mercy makes it easy to get the care your child needs close to home.