Diabetes Care

Diabetes as a health condition is made more serious because of the other ways it can impact your quality of life. Long-term complications can include cardiovascular disease and damage to your eyes, feet, kidneys or nerves. Mercy physicians are expertly trained to diagnose and treat any form of diabetes, including Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes. In addition, wound care specialists provide fast and expert care and a wide range of proven therapies that help you prevent possible infection and heal as completely as possible.

Mercy wants to help you manage diabetes and treat hard-to-heal wounds:

  • Choose from hundreds of physicians specializing in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, endocrinology, family medicine and even pediatric endocrinology.
  • Mercy provides programs recognized by the American Diabetes Association for helping patients self-manage their condition.
  • Our dedicated wound care and hyperbaric medicine clinics use the expertise of our teams and latest technology to help you heal.
  • Your care team uses your electronic health record, so everyone involved in your care understands your past treatments and future needs.
  • Through your Mercy doctor, use MyMercy to monitor your health and even report changes in your health to your doctor.
  • As Mercy works to establish a “medical home” for every patient in Mercy, you’ll have an entire team coordinating your health to keep you well … everything from dietary counseling to home monitoring.

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