Fertility Care Services

Perhaps you want to wait a few years before pregnancy. You know your goal. Now you can plan for it naturally with the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System (CrMS).

CrMS helps couples successfully achieve or avoid pregnancy by giving them a personalized understanding of their naturally-occurring phases of fertility. People like you choose CrMS because it is:

  • Free from chemicals or devices
  • Highly effective
  • A natural method that lets a couple plan together
  • Tailor-made for each couple
  • Helps you track and manage your health

And once you learn this natural option for family planning, you can use it throughout your childbearing years.

Does this method really work?

The answer is yes. It’s 99.5 percent effective when you want to avoid pregnancy. For women with normal fertility, it’s 98 percent effective within six months of when you are ready to become pregnant. You may need the extra help of specialists if health issues make it harder to become pregnant.

Your sessions

After an introductory session, you’ll attend private follow-up sessions with nurses who are fertility care practitioners. They’ll teach you about the fertility cycle, and the clues a woman’s body gives to show where you are in that cycle. You’ll watch for these signs throughout the day and track them. You can track your progress with your nurse, ask questions and much more. Most importantly, you will know the right times to achieve or avoid pregnancy, as you develop a fertility health record.

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